Advantages & Disadvantages Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation in Hyderabad

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that increases the breast size, changes the shape of the breast or increases the fullness of the breast.

The surgeon places implants (silicone, saline or alternative composite) under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

Very often breast augmentation surgery is done after treatment for breast cancer to reconstruct the breasts after a partial or full mastectomy.

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If you are considering it then here are some pros and cons of breast augmentation surgery you should consider:

Advantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery

1. Having surgery is a long term solution if you are wanting to increase your naturally small breasts, restore your breast shape and size after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding, or reconstruct your breasts after surgery.

2. Having breast augmentation surgery can boost your confidence, especially for women that have had a mastectomy.

3. Having fuller breasts may mean that your clothing fits better and your figure looks more asymmetrical.

Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery

1. Breast augmentation surgery comes with risks, as with any surgical procedure. Nearly half of women that have cosmetic breast surgery have complications that can require additional surgery.

2. There is a chance that after surgery you may not be happy with the results. The texture and feeling of your breasts may change and/ or your breasts may look fake.

3. You will need regular monitoring for possible rupturing.

4. As with any surgery you will be left with some scarring, although often the scars are light and not noticeable.

5. Implants last anything from 7 – 12 years and then they will need to be replaced. To know more details on Breast Augmentation check Kokoliko

6. While most breast augmentation surgery procedures won’t affect your chances of breastfeeding, some might cause problems with breastfeeding.

7. Breast augmentation surgery comes with a cost and your medical insurance won’t cover it for purely cosmetic reasons. You may be covered for breast reconstruction if you have had breast cancer and that may include getting implants.

8 . As with any surgical procedure there will be some pain and you will need some time to recover from the procedure.

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