Today the world is dominated by web. Every business is now conducted globally using the web. In this digital world, the online presence on the web is very important for every organization to advertise, promote and sell their products and services to worldwide user. Web designing is an integral and significant part of the IT industry. Today, it is a promising career option. Web design services are being applied in almost every walk of life be it industries, business, education both in private and public sectors. In this era, most of the organizations already have their own websites and many more feel it essential to host websites and make their presence felt in the World Wide Web. There are even companies that have their own in house web team as a professionally designed web site has become as necessary as that of an accounting department. This has increased the demand for web designing professionals.

To create a website is like creating a master piece of art that has all the aesthetics, attractive appeal along with the commercial viability. The role of a web designer is very much important in website development as designing makes the web pages more attracting and user friendly. The look and feel of a website makes quite an impact on the viewers. Accessibility is just as important as data. Web designing is also considered to be a form of art where the website designers try to make the websites more visually appealing as well as make the navigation through the website i.e how a visitor get around from one page to another on a Web site, a hassle free task. Web designing is a sort of marketing tool, in the sense that product or services are made known to public and even online deals can be made.

What Is the Average Salary of a Website Designer?

Most website designers charge anywhere from INR 300 to INR 500 an hour. This rate can vary depending on things such as the experience of the designer as well as the complexity of the website. The average website designer can often expect to make roughly 3,50,000 a year. A website designer’s salary, however, is largely determined by his skills and how often he works.

Some of the more talented and hardworking website designers, for example, can make over 10,00,000 annually. Amateur or part-time designers, on the other hand, might only may 1,50,000 a year.

What Kind of Education Does a Website Designer Need?

There are no set education requirements to become a website designers, and some motivated individuals may be able to break into this field simply by learning design and programming skills on their own. Website design is a rapidly growing and highly competitive industry, however, and successful website designers usually have at least a few years of post-secondary school under their belts.

A website designer needs to be artistic as well as computer savvy. Therefore, most website design degree programs focus on combining digital media courses with computer and web programming courses. At the very least, website designers should know basic web programming languages, particularly HTML and CSS.

The major career fields in this field include:

Web Designer: The front end developer generally works at client side dealing with the web page design, graphics that is accessible to the user.

Web Developer: The back end developer is a person who is responsible for the back end development that interacts with the server. This type of web developer specializes in the languages like Php, ruby, ASP.Net, Java, Cold Fusion, and Perl.

The job profiles for the web developer includes:

  • Front end web developer
  • Back end web developer
  • Web application developer
  • Design and layout analyst
  • Senior web analyst
  • Web marketing analyst

Source : LinkedIn

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