What Does Resetting A WordPress Website Mean?

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When you reset a WordPress website, it deletes all the data that is currently present on the website and sets it back as though it is a new installation.

Before resetting the website, you need to understand what are the data that makes up WordPress. This will bring more clarity on what happens under the hood in order for the reset to go smoothly and as intended.

First, WordPress contains data in the database. All the posts, pages, comments, their corresponding details, different settings, etc. of the website are stored in the database of the website.

Resetting the WordPress website essentially means wiping out of all of the data in the database, since it will wipe out all the settings that you have in the website and you will only have the default settings in there. For more info check SEO Services in Hyderabad,

The other data that your WordPress website will is the theme, plugins, and media files. These can be found in the wp-uploads folder. The theme files are stored in the ‘themes’ folder, the plugins in the ‘plugins’ folder and the media files that you have uploaded to the site in the ‘uploads’ folder.

Also note, some of the data of your WordPress website may even be stored in a third-party service that you might have used on your website.

What is the Need of Resetting a WordPress Site?

It’s not very often that someone will need to reset a WordPress website. But it’s not something unheard of either. Below are some of the scenarios that require resetting of a WordPress website to its initial state.

Rebuild a website from scratch –

If you want to scrap all that you have in your current website and create something new, you can do that without needing another installation. After a reset of the website, you will have a new clean foundation to build up the site to create something new. For more information on  PPC Agency in London visit Vivid SEO.

Restore from a test installation –

When you are done testing a website and you do not need the data in the website any longer, or want to create another test environment with a new installation, you can go for a WordPress reset.

When you want to restore a backup of the site –

When something goes wrong in your website and you want to restore the entire website from backup, you may have to reset the website and then roll back to the previous state by restoring the backup.

WordPress by default does not have this option where you can roll everything back to the initial default state. But there are ways that you can reset WordPress and of course there are plugins that can help you do it.

What is the advantage of having a reset over creating another fresh installation? Depending on the requirement of the website owner, it may depend whether or not a reset is the best way to go, but it’s certainly faster and easier than removing all of the data on your WordPress website manually or doing a fresh WordPress installation.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into the details on how we can reset a WordPress website.To know more details on SEO Services check Iftr2015hyd

We will be discussing three different ways in which we can reset the data.

A. Manually

B. Using WP-CLI

C. Using a plugin

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